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Motorized Window Coverings Simplify Your Life

Blinds and More can make your life much easier by installing motorized window coverings. Automated window treatments can be programmed for sunrise and sunset to keep the sun out of your home, or to operate according to your personalized schedule. Shades can be raised or lowered with a single touch and can be controlled with your smart device even when you are away.

Motorized blinds

Upgrade Your Window Covering with a Motorized Function

Motorized window coverings come in many different styles to match your needs for design and function. Here are the window covering options we can make motorized to help simplify your life:

Control Your Window Coverings with Ease

You can also now use your smartphone, tablet or the provider controller to operate your motorized window coverings with ease. You can even program them to open and close based on your local sunrise/sunset times.

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